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Sunday 21 July 2019




November 2002, 3rd International Comedy Conference

Photos from the Event

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Mike Jackson

Caroline Jester

Terry Adlam

Harriet Garrod

Members in action (or is that inaction?)

Ken Rock, Richard Michaels Stefanik & Ken Basford

Moritz Enders & Dewi Williams

Ronnie Wolfe, David B & Ken Rock

(Please mail me with your name) & Gill Smith

Michelle Russell & Tony Kirwood

MC Rock on the mic

Ronnie Wolfe

Alex J Geairns

Nick Reade & Jason Browne

Andrew Taft & (please mail me with your name)

Watching the performance

Moritz annoys the hotel staff

Debbie Nunn & Ken Rock (add your own punchline)

Ken Basford and Keith Lindsay

David B & Meryl Von Habsburg

Ken Rock

Ken Rock & David Bodycombe

Mike Jackson and Michelle Russell

Giles Osborne

Crispin Fisher


Debbie Nunn

Nick Reade

Debbie Nunn

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