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Tuesday 21 August 2018




November 2002, 3rd International Comedy Conference

Photos from the Event

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Ken Rock Richard Michaels Stefanik
Lucy Armitage John Gough
Franz Von Habsburg Alex J Geairns, Paul Jones & Rose Wolfe Terry Adlam, Alex Bogdanovski &
Jason Browne
Christine Kelly
Deep Discussion Trevor Walker & Malcolm Lane Ken Rock & Debbie Nunn
Drinks Reception
Louise Williams (c/o Apollo hotel)
Keith Lindsay (Sorry - not sure! Please mail me to add your name) Johnny Jarman
Ken Rock & John Gough Crispin Fisher, Fran Biggs& Terry Corrigan Rose Wolfe, Ken Rock, Richard Michaels Stefanik & John Gough
Carol Donockley, Mark Dormer & Vera O'Hagan

Ken Basford & Johnny Jarman Keith Lindsay, John Temple, Alex J Geairns, Jo Hodder & Paul Jones
Paul Roff, Ronnie Wolfe & Rose Wolfe Ken Rock
Ken Rock & David J Bodycombe Moritz Enders & Giles Osborne Mike Jackson Nick Reade & Moritz Enders
Debbie Nunn Nick Reade

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