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Tuesday 28 September 2021




What is the BSCW?

The British Society of Comedy Writers is pretty much what is says on the tin: a society of British writers, mainly of comedy.

Before you faint in shock at that amazing revelation, let me clarify. Those are the things we have in common – we’re Brits scribbling away at funny stuff.

But we don’t all live in Britain, and we certainly don’t restrict our work to these fair isles. Certainly not. We don’t mind what country we’re writing for, so long as we can turn what we’re paid in into pounds. More on that later.

We don’t all solely write. Some people have a ‘day job’ to keep food on the table. Others just have less food.

We don’t all write just comedy. Sure, we’re funny people, but most of us would be perfectly happy to have the opportunity to write heavy drama, perhaps leaving heavy corpses in our lead character’s wake. That’s fine. So is writing perfectly serious articles, and poetry vary between really deep and a good giggle.

While we’re here, some of us perform our own work, some would rather let someone else hear the laughs.

Not just sofa sitcoms

Some of us write for TV, some for radio, some for anything or anyone who’ll pay. Some write game shows, others scripts, still more, gags. Most will try their hand at any type of funny you can suggest.

Yes, we’re a pretty diverse bunch. What we share is a love of writing comedy, and what tends to get termed ‘light entertainment.’ Oh – and a love of a drink or two in the name of networking.

Whether you’re a keen writer, or a producer, editor or talent scout, looking for writers, we’d love you to join us in spirit by becoming a member or subscriber, or in reality at one of our events – for a gin and a joke, a lager and a laugh.

And not just Britain

As for the British bit, well Brit comedy is respected all around the world, which is exactly where we try and sell our hard work. We’ll rise to any challenge you can throw at us, and are more than happy to broaden our list of countries where we know BSCW members’ comedy has been performed. We’re currently on Germany, Finland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Norway, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

And we’re more international than that. We’ve been to drink – sorry, network – at international conferences including the Golden Rose, formerly in Montreux, Moondance in Colorado, and Just for Laughs in Toronto.

So whether you’d like to join, or can offer us work, do drop us an e-mail, fill in a membership form, or call someone for a chat.


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